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Cremation Merchandise

Cremation and Memorial Products

When cremation is your choice, choices of product for urns, urn vaults and memorial products and services are nearly endless. Funerals and visitations can still be a main focus with cremation if the family chooses. Fulkerson Stevenson provides a good selection in house and / or can special order for the need.

The first choice made in cremation is the casket of choice; this casket will encase your loved one and be cremated also. It is recommended to be of a wooden selection.

Many families who choose cremation still want a church funeral with visitation for family and friends; this rental option casket has been quite well received.

The second choice in cremation is the urn selection. This vessel will contain the cremains of your loved one for placement at home, a niche in a mausoleum, scattering or earth burial. This selection can be very personalized and emulate the deceased life in its design. Urns are made of various materials, like metals, woods, ceramic, fossil stone, and porcelain. We also carry Biodegradable urns for the earth conscience client.

Many urns are made as a keepsake / memento miniature urn when families want to keep a portion of their loved ones ashes.

Third Choice with cremation when earth burial is chosen is the need for an urn vault. Those cemeteries that require a vault in casket burials will also require a vault in urn earth burials. These too are made of cement and protect the urn vessel from the outside elements and insure the safety of the urn; especially if the urn / urn vault is ever disinterred for any reason.

Life Treasures - Heirloom Jewelry (Wilbert) is common choice for families choosing cremation and grieving the loss of a loved one.

The death of a loved one is a life-altering event. You will have many decisions to make and they can become easier if you will allow us to help. Please feel free to call on us.