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Fulkerson - Stevenson Funeral Home

Dale Eugene Karpyak
12.26.1952 - January 2, 2020

Place of Birth: Watford City, ND
Residence: Menoken, ND and Watford City, ND
Age: 67

Ray Unterseher (Watford City, North Dakota)
Jan 3, 2020
With a grieving heavy heart I have learned of Dale’s passing. Few know of the magnitude that Dale kept the petroleum industry moving forward with his ability to machine anything that is machinable. I am one of many who always appreciated Dale’s talents to make, weld, repair, manufacture or restore what needed to be done. There isn’t enough time to list the good that this great man accomplished. My first Harley Davidson motor cycle I bought was from Dale Karpyak!!! He totally restored a 1966 Ford Thunderbird and then sold it to me! His shop, “Iron Horse Machine” was was the center meeting place for the oilfield to rely on his talents. What a loss to lose such a pillar to this community! Thank You Dale For All You Do! We’ll meet again. Heaven Is Sounding Sweeter All The Time!
Ray Unterseher
Ardi Bean (Williston , ND)
Jan 3, 2020
Oh Vicki, I am so sorry to hear of your hubby’s passing. Words cannot express the hurt you & family are feeling.
Please know you are all in our prayers.
Lots of luv
Ardi & Levin
Darrell and Della Njos
Jan 4, 2020
Dear Vicky and Family, We are so sorry for loss, Know that You are in Our thoughts and prayers during these difficult days
Dennis E Johnson (Watford City, ND)
Jan 4, 2020
Still a shock. Have been around Dale most of my life. Talented machinist. Fixer of everything (just like his Dad). Inventor of what was needed. Devoted and good husband and father. Never hurt anyone and never had an enemy that I knew of. And the man could ride a motorcycle!!! Speedy trip home Dale. Hope there are lots of open and dry roads in heaven. Know that your family will miss you as will your friends.
Carol Holman (Stevensville, MT)
Jan 4, 2020
I am so sorry for your loss. May the memories you have and the love from your family and friends help you through this time of great loss. God Bless
Judy Roy Redding (Minot, North Dakota)
Jan 4, 2020
We are so sorry about your loss. Prayers
Lisa Jore (Billings, MT)
Jan 4, 2020
So sorry to hear of your loss. Sending my love to the entire Karpyak family. My cousin will be missed by all of us.
Ray Unterseher (Watford City, North Dskota)
Jan 4, 2020
I remember the time back in the late 80’s or was it in the early 90’s? Dale and I planned a motor cycle trip on our Honda Gold Wing motor cycles. I needed to go to Spokane, Washington and he wanted to go to Elko, Nevada to see his brother Joe. I left a week before he did and by the time I got to Miles City, Montana it was raining! It rained steady all the way to Spokane. It was still raining five days later when I left Spokane. The plan was to meet Dale at the truck stop at Butte, Montana. And we both got there at about the same time. It was still raining. Dale said it rained all the way from Mikes City!!! We ate and we took off for Elko on Interstate 15! Raining! We went through Jackson, Nevada and onto Interstate 80. We got to Elko at about 3:00 PM and we met with Joe at the Ford Motor Company where Joe worked. We went to the Pizza Hut and ate with Joe. We left there and we headed down on Interstate 80 East Through Salt Lake City, Utah and unto Rock Springs, Wyoming. Still Raining steady. The next morning we left Rock Springs heading North to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Raining! We got to the Fishing Bridge and Dale announced to me he was heading for Cody, Wyoming and Watford City, North Dakota. We split up there and I went through the Park and out at Gartner, Montana. It rained all the way to Laurel where I spent a few days with my Folks. The next day Dale and I talked on the phone and he told me it rained steady all the way till he got to Miles City, Montana. Dale put his Honda Gold Wing up for sale and he never owned another one as far as I know. Dale would tell you that this is a true story. We talked about that trip often!!
Ray Unterseher
Shirley Skarphol (Williston, ND)
Jan 5, 2020
Vicki - so very sorry for your loss. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts & prayers. May your memories bring you peace
Shirley & Gary Skarphol
Craig Jore (Kila, Montana)
Jan 5, 2020
So very sorry to hear of Dale’s all his immediate family and all the extended deepest thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Cousin Craig Jore(Cliff Jore)
Don Jore (Billings, MT)
Jan 5, 2020
I didn't get to know Dale when he was growing up as I was gone and then he was in the Navy. But got to know him later and we became good
One of my earliest memories was 60 + years ago when Dale was about 3. The family was riding in my car and Dale was in Lydias lap when asked why the radio wasn't on. I said this car does not have a radio---Dale said "what kind of a damn Ford is this anyway !"
I think his love of Fords continued.
[My car was a Chevy]
Sandy (Jore)Bradford (Kila, MT)
Jan 5, 2020
So sorry to hear about Dale’s unexpected passing. To all the family and relatives my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time and the days ahead. Cherish your memories.
Mike Layman (Wasilla, Alaska)
Jan 5, 2020
What a shock! I worked with Dale and Steve for a while when we lived in Watford and my recolections mirror those already recorded. We've been gone nearly 25 years and just this evening, for some reason; i pluged his name into a web search and this came up.
Ruth and I are sad to hear this and will pray for Vicki and the family! Rest in Peace Friend
Lillian Jenkins {Bunny} (Boise, ID)
Jan 5, 2020
Viki and Karpyak Family,
So very sorry to hear of Dale's passing. I'm like Uncle Don, we had moved from the ranch into town when Dale and Brian came along. What I do remember about Dale is how caring and kind he was with his Mother, Lydia, when he brought her to my Mom's 80th birthday party at Jay's.He was so gentle with her, You just knew he loved her a lot.
Ray Unterseher (Watford City, North Dakota)
Jan 5, 2020
There are so many things to remember and tell about Dale’s life. We are all so blessed and honored to have known him. I will never forget the time Dale asked me if I would go with him to a Lutheran Ministry Coquettish retreat at Epping, ND. Dale knows that I have a personal experience with Jesus in my heart and life. I know that Dale lived the same experience as I do. I will never forget when we all wrote letters of Jesus’s Love to the inmates at Bismarck. Letters of encouragement and blessings to them. We all had names of four inmates. And I wrote these letters once a year for years afterwards. It is life changing Experience.
Thank You Dale For Inviting Me! I love you Brother!
Ray Unterseher
Betty (Alexander )
Jan 6, 2020
My heart goes out to you & your family. Dale was one of the good guys!
Karen Holte (Watford City, nd)
Jan 6, 2020
I fondly remember Dale being the quite parent at all the hockey games while Adam and Landon grew up together and played. He always had a kind smile and always so very polite. He will be missed by many. My sincere sympathies to you Vicki and your family. May God's strength come to you all now to help you through these steps of life. Cherish and hold on tight to your wonderful memories. Karen Holte and families
Rosalie Bernhagen (Dallas, Texas)
Jan 6, 2020
My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family......
Kathy Bingeman (Bismarck, ND)
Jan 6, 2020
Dear Vicki and family,
My heart aches for you and your loss. My sympathies to all of you.
Kathy Bingeman
Brent (Daryl) Rutz (Watford City-Tacoma , WA)
Jan 6, 2020
Tears ran down my cheek as I heard the loss of a great man, Dale. Dale was one of my best and very first friends. My family moved to Tacoma Washington in the late 60’s and we lost touch besides the occasional trip to Watford. Rib Fest 2018 Dale and I laughed for hours reminiscing the good ole days, before video games and cell phones, playing kick the can and running thru the many rows of cars at Adams shop. I spent numerous hours at the Karpyak Home watching Adam teach Dale the game of chess. Endless memories. So no more tears of sorrow, they are tears of Joy. Joy for being blessed to have such a good friend as Dale. Until we laugh again on the other side, Thank you Dale for the memories. God bless the entire Karpyak Family.
Nikki Ritter (Watford City, North Dakota)
Jan 6, 2020
Vicki & Family,

I’m so, so sorry for your loss. Dale was a very great man and I’m sure loved by many. I always enjoyed chatting with Dale. He had a lot of wisdom to share. I pray for your strength during this difficult time.
Nancy Irmen
Jan 6, 2020
Vicki, I am saddened to hear of Dale's passing. From what I've read about him he was a great husband, father & friend to so many. I'm sorry I can't come to the service for him but you & your family are in our prayers. Nancy & Tom
Eleanor Kostad (Watford City, ND)
Jan 6, 2020
Sorry I couldn’t acknowledge you in person. Knew Dale since we moved here. He was a great guy. Feel so bad, but we are so in limbo right now as Brindins wife has been in the birthing center for over a month and they will do a C section Thurs at 35 weeks so we are hoping and praying everything will go okay . She’s in Fargo so it will soon be over. Todd and Tina will soon be Grandma and Grandpa. God keep you in his care. Thinking of you.
Tim Christianson (Tioga, ND)
Jan 6, 2020
Spent a lot of time with Dale at his shop. The cleanest machine shop possible! Whenever we had something we could not figure out we went to Dale & he always had an solution. I know he loved his family & was rock solid. May you find comfort in Dales love for each of you & the love of Jesus in this difficult time.
Dan Stocker (West Fargo, ND)
Jan 7, 2020
So sorry for your loss. Know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
Neil Markuson (Ronan Mt.....Meadveiw AZ., AZ)
Jan 9, 2020
Dale was a true friend for more than 20 years...I still cherish the sailing trips we had to San Diego...went to lunch numerous times when working all those years in Watford City...enjoyed his visits when came to see me in Montana after we heart felt condolences go out to his wonderful wife Vicky and all his children and grandkids he cherished.God bless them through this sad time..
Rustvang Joan (Fargo , North Dakota)
Jan 10, 2020
Dear Vicki,
I was so very sorry to hear about Dale and the loss this is for you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Joan