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Fulkerson - Stevenson Funeral Home

William D Reichel
2.22.1962 - August 12, 2019

Place of Birth: Hamilton, MT
Residence: Richey, MT formerly Libby, MT
Age: 57

Tina Truscott Ravndal (Anaconda, MT)
Aug 16, 2019
Dear big brother,
We experienced the typical sibling rights of passage, with you being the big brother and I the tag along pest.
I remember playing in the sand box at the base of the cottonwood tree while you enjoyed time out of reach in your tree house. Water snake hunting at the river. Floating the river on inner tubes and getting a ride home by a police officer...Mom (who was justice of the peace) wasn't too happy. When you "accidentally" pushed me into the irrigation ditch and I had to cross Hwy 93 covered in mud. I blamed it on Fancy the dog just like you said so you wouldn't "or else" me. Mom wasn't happy that time either- interrupting her visit with a friend to wash the mud from my long thick braids probably had something to do with it. Thanks for teaching me to stay calm in confined spaces...trapping me in the bottom of a sleeping bag and reminding me that my screams were depleting my oxygen supply...survival tips. I'm grateful to have aided you in learning your boy Scout knots by being goat tied and left under the sprinkler... I learned to get out of many a predicament thanks to your tutelage??
The many fishing expeditions together ( if I didn't go either did you so you had little choice but to bring me along). Catching that gopher on the fishing pole tops all fishing stories to date!!
Watching you walk out on the grandstand beams to capture pigeons to raise as homing took Mom awhile to realize the danger you put yourself in that time...wasn't uncle Craig a major influencer on that one!
There are many more but my mind is a little fuddled right now. I cherish those memories. Some things we did were dangerous and foolish, but we were kids and you took good care of me. You were protective. You stood up to your friends when they accused me of being a liar. You kept me safe when we were home alone and the den started on fire. I don't remember ever feeling truly afraid in your care. You were my strong big brother. I love you! Enjoy fishing and having a coldie with Harold for his birthday.
Until we see each other again!
Marti Gary (Spokane , Washington )
Aug 26, 2019
RIP Bill