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Fulkerson - Stevenson Funeral Home

Richard Ocasio, Sr.
10.15.1967 - June 10, 2019

Place of Birth: Nyack, New York
Residence: Williston, formerly of Florida
Age: 51

Irene Anderson (Tavares, Fl)
Jun 10, 2019
I'm so sorry to hear of of this beautiful life ending too soon. My prayers are with his children and his family and God bless all
Olga Miranda (New York )
Jun 10, 2019
My sincere sympathy to the family and friends.
John Rosado (Arecibo , Puerto Rico)
Jun 11, 2019
Haverstraw Middle School Football Team
I will always remember you like a brother growing up. Even though I haven’t seen you in years, I on ocasiones remembered the good times growing up. Rest In Peace my brother. God bless your family and friends.
Rudi Gonzalez (Lubbock , Texas)
Jun 11, 2019
Meeting up after 25 years
To my brother, you will most definitely not be forgotten. Miss you Ricky
Teresa Hathaway (Bluffton , IN)
Jun 11, 2019
I will forever miss u. U was my friend always. I remember the first time I saw u. U came thru my toll booth and I thought damn he’s beautiful. Then ran into u again at a Halloween party at the Angus in 1998. I looked over and seen u this tall beautiful man and knew I had to meet u. From then it’s all memory’s of the love I had for u. Thru the ups and downs we were always there for each other. Oh and the miles we spent together in ur semi. U get pretty close to someone. The last time I seen u was August of 2012. This is the last pic I have of u on our last ride together before u moving to Nebraska.
RIP my friend know I love u always and forever!!!
Til I see u again.
Michelle Beckman (Williston, ND)
Jun 14, 2019
You had me at hello....
I would have never dreamt that our little lunch would have turned into something so amazing. It is so rare now a days. Over the years, we were always able to pick up right where we left off. We had no labels for one another and we knew our place in each other's life. I admired your love for your family. I could never get enough of that smile and twinkle you'd get in your eyes when talking with them or about them. It spoke volumes to me as to what kind of a man you were. Your passion for life was like no other, I felt like I was on the ride of my life being with you. I will miss your laughter, your corny little texts, the way you said my name, our snuggling, our warm embrace and that ever-so-gentle kiss on my cheek. I will miss hearing you play your guitar for hours, the unconditional love you had for Kota, Munchkin and myself and how you would show up on a whim, exactly when I needed you. You had the kindest strength and love that shone in your eyes and smile. This turn of events has put a little delay on the adventures we had planned. That being said, rest up sweetheart... we have more adventures to come and chapters to write when I see you again....

With all my love,