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Justin Norman Simpson
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3/22/2010 Julaine Christensen (Ray, ND)

Stephan, Sheri and Steve, Amanda and Jeffrey, Don and Noraine, there are no words, no words that can express how sad this day is. Please know that I have you all in my heart and in my prayers at his sad sad time. God Bless each and every one of you.

3/22/2010 Viall's (Whitefish, Mt.)

Entire Simpson Family,

Words can't express the sorrow I can only imagine you are feeling today and for many days to come. Please find peace in the fact that your angel will now watch over you and be with you in your every step. We are thinking about you and sending prayers your way.

3/22/2010 Charles & Lois Daniel (Ray, ND)

To all of Justin's family. You are in our prayers. I know how hard something like this is. Just keep the memories of him with you all the time. Time heals but they are never forgotten.

3/22/2010 Duane and Kathy Binde (Williston)

Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We are so sorry, God Bless and comfort you. Duane and Kathy Binde

3/22/2010 Marsha Semingson

Don, Noraine, and Justin's family, I cannot imagine the heartache that you are feeling. I am keeping you all in my prayers. Take care of each other.

3/23/2010 Dallas and Christyn Nelson & family (Ray, ND)

Sheri and family, we are sorry for what you and your family has to endure right now. You are in our thoughts and prayers each and every day.

3/23/2010 Tom and Cindy Brevik

Sheri and family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We can not begin to feel the pain you are experiencing but know that family and friends are here for you. Justin will be your own special angel watching over you and your family.

3/23/2010 Patricia Gisinger (Bismarck, ND)

Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

3/23/2010 Jessica Larocque (Williston, ND)

Simpson Family,

My deepest condolences to your entire family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

3/23/2010 Vernon & Jan Herfindahl (Tioga, ND)

Sympathy and prayers go out to Justin's family, the Ray School students and staff, and all the other lifes friendly Justin touched, including mine. Hold on to memories and each other. Jan

3/23/2010 Tim, Sue, and Ryan Thoreson (Williston, ND)

We are so sorry for your huge loss. We can only imagine the heartache. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Take care and know that your friends and family are there for you to lean on during this time of terrific sorrow.
With sincere sympathy,
Tim, Sue, and Ryan

3/23/2010 Mike and Torrie Vader (Williston, ND)

We are deeply sorry for your loss of Justin. Our prayers go out to your entire famiy. I remember when I did my internship in Ray, Justin was so very nice. He was a very happy guy. He will be missed.


Our deepest sympathy to the family. Please let us know if we can do anything.

3/23/2010 Gloria & Carl Norby (Grenora, ND)

Norraine,Don,&family of Justin.....
Please except our sincere condolances at the loss of your precious one. I can't imagine anything worse than loosing a child or grandchild. Our prayers and love go out to all of you at this very sad time in your lives.

3/23/2010 Murschel Family (Ray, ND)

To all of Justin's family,
We are so saddened by the loss of Justin. Our hearts are aching for you. It is an unimaginable feeling and we want you to know that so many people are praying for your strength today and for the many difficult days ahead. I will always remember Justin as a smiling young man who was always pleasant in school. With sincere sympathy,
Stacy, Todd, Jace & Jaime

3/23/2010 Ronald and Charla Anderson (Ray)

To ALL of Justin's family...We are so sorry for the loss of Justin. We enjoyed watching Justin grow up as our next door neighbor. We use to come over and have popcicles with our kids and play baseball in the vacant lot. He always had a smile on his face. He will be missed by everyone that knew Justin. Please keep close the memories you have as that is what will help you through. You are in our thoughts and prayers. If there is ever anything we can do, do not hesitate.

3/23/2010 Arlene Sprinkel (Milbank, South dakota)

Don, Noraine and the family of Justin.

I am so sorry to hear of your grandson death. I dont know how I would feel if one of my grandchildren would pass away. I will be holding you up in Prayer. I didnt know him but I am sure he was very special to you. He is now safe in the arms of Jesus. God will give you all the strength that you need. My love and prayers are with you.

3/23/2010 Kent & Darla Swanson & family (Minot, ND)

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

3/23/2010 shawna (Somers) Przybycien (Milbank, South Dakota)

To The Simpsons....I am so sorry to hear about the loss of son, and grandson and brother. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. May god bless you and keep you in his blessings. Cherish the memories you have of Justin and may you find peace and comfort knowing that he is now living in God's Kingdom.

3/24/2010 Cristina & Kris Johnson (Williston, ND)

We are so sorry for your loss!! You will be in our thoughts!!

3/24/2010 Roger & Teresa Berg (Hobson, MT)

To all of Justins family, we are so sorry for your loss. God be with you. You are all in our prayers.

3/24/2010 Danielle Bloms(: (Minot , ND)

i'm so sorry for your loss justin and i were good friends, i'll be there on sunday for sure, i cant believe he's gone he's one of my good friends and i don't know what to do anymore. i'm sorry for eveything i love you guys alot

Love dani.

3/24/2010 Linda Stordahl (Williston, ND)

Noraine - My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

3/24/2010 Jen and Brad Knutson and family (WILLISTON, ND)

Many thoughts and prayers to your family during this difficult time. god bless you all

3/24/2010 Kelli & Ryan Barman (Ray, ND)

Sheri, Steve, Stephen, Amanda, and Jeffrey,
You all our in our prayers. I love you guys very much and if there is anything you need or want me to do let me know.
I remember walking out on our deck and Justin would be jamming out on your back steps. It stiil brings a smile to my face to think of him sitting there.If I close my eyes and I can still see him there with his smile on his face. Keep your memories close to you and remember them often.

3/24/2010 Lana Anderson (Bismarck , ND)

Justin Simpson Family:
Sheri, Stephen, Jeffrey, Amanda,
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son Justin. Don and Norraine please know that I am thinking of all of you and please know that my heart is breaking for you. Also know that you will be in my prayers and thoughts in the coming days. Lord would you please come and hold this gramma so tenderly just like she did when Justin was a tiny baby...love on them, comfort them and give them peace. Thank you Lord because only you know the full extent of their pain...
Bless you Lana Anderson

3/24/2010 Ron and Sue Brothen (Columbus, ND)

We are so sorry to hear about the death of your precious son. At this sad time we are thinking of you and sending our deepest sympathy. May the love and concern of those who care help you through this most difficult time and the memories of Justin bring peace to you.
Ron and Sue Brothen

3/24/2010 BreeAnn Barman (Ray , North Dakota)

Hey Justin, you won't be able to see this, well maybe in heaven. March 22, 2010 was a Very hard day for alot of people. You will never no how much i will miss you. today i was thinking about memories we have. These are some of my favorite memories. When Pizazs pizza makers where the coolest things ever for like 3 months! How we played with a little toy car for a long time. How that one time you asked me what those doritos where and i said Red bag doritos and i felt soo dumb and you kept asking about them for weeks, but you kept telling me i wasn't dumb. When i broke that lil' red light bulb and we carried it around for a while. You where an awesome friend. You always told me what i wanted to hear. You where really funny. You where always there for me. You where just awesome! I think anyone who didn't know you was very unlucky cuz you are amazing. I still can't believe you are gone... forever. i'm soo glad that on Sunday when I was texting you i didn't stay mad at you and i kept talking to you. I will always remember you and our memories no matter what. My life will NEVER be the same. I'm just remembering everyday i'm one day closer to seeing you again. i miss you so much already. i guess God really does take the best. i will always remember the date March 22, 2010. Rest in peace, man.

Justin's family, i'm soo sorry for your loss. If you need anything let me or my mom know. You will be in our prayers.

3/24/2010 Linda (Davidson) Wooters (Denton, TX)

Dear Don, Noraine, and Justin's entire family,
I am too far away to come and hug your neck but know that I TRULY CARE. Lord, wrap your loving arms around this precious family this day. Like others have said, there can be NO greater loss than the loss of a child. Store all of those precious memories you have of Justin up in your heart. Distance may separate us but my prayers are right there beside you. Sending my love and may God Bless and comfort each of you.

3/24/2010 Tammi Devos and Samantha Trones (Grand Forks, ND)

Love and miss you dearly,
Love always
Tammi and Sam

3/25/2010 Marlys Granberg (Tioga , ND)

Stephan, Sheri and Steve, Jeff and Amanda
I can't imagine the pain and heartache you are going through at this time. You are in my hearts and prayer. Just know that God doesn't give you more than you can handle.

3/25/2010 Kenny & Evelyn (Kroll) Kilichowski (Minto, ND)

So sorry to hear the news, our sympathy goes out to the whole family. We are currently in Duluth babysitting grandkids so I was glad I checked my messages. May God bless you all.

3/25/2010 Veach Family (Ray, ND)

To all of Justin's family~We are very sorry for your loss. Take care of each other during this time of sorrow, and you are all in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

3/25/2010 Jen Baumgartner (Bismarck, ND)

Sheri and Family-
Not sure if you remember me, I am Jennifer Schmidt, an old friend of Michelle's. My heart goes out to you on the loss of your son. I am so sorry. May you find comfort in the wonderful happy memories of Justin. May God's love shine on you and help ease the pain of your loss.
Jen, Tucker, Samantha and Jacob Baumgartner

3/25/2010 Francis and Michael Stundal (Plentywood, MT)

Our deepest condolences to each of you.

3/25/2010 Gayle (Vinger) Malwitz (Lakeville, MN)

To the entire Simpson Family:

We are so very sorry for the tremendous loss you are having to endure. In seeing the picture of Justin, I can just see the 'fun-loving' Simpson spirit in his handsome face. I've never met him or his parents, but I know his Grandpa & Grandma and many of his aunts and uncles. I just can't imagine what pain & sadness comes in having to climb this mountain, and I know that it will only be possible through your faith in our Lord and Savior. May God carry you in His loving arms and give you the strength it will take to make it through.

Our love and prayers,

Lonnie and Gayle (Vinger) Malwitz

3/25/2010 Eric Viall (Fargo, ND)

To the Simpson Family,

I can remember Justin coming into the meatshop all the time while playing with Clay. I have been thinking about everyone the last few days. You are all in my prayers.


3/26/2010 Debbie (Barrow) Reinarts (Garrison, ND)

Dear Sheri,
My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I hope all your special memories of him and the love of family and friends help you through this difficult time.
Your old college roommate,

3/26/2010 Chuck and Marian Suda (Grand Forks, ND)

Our hearts are heavy. Please know that you are in our thoughts constently. We wish we could be with you at this difficult time.

3/26/2010 Beverly, Dave,and family (Ray, N.D.)

To all of Justin's family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. I think Justin is strumming his guitar in heaven putting on quite a concert for his relatives. Great Grandma is enjoying it. He is playing some of Uncle Matts tunes and she thinks they are a little loud but shes loving it. We were buddies at the golf course and Hope and I got invited to Grandmas for a concert. We'll never forget your smile and the twinkle in your eyes.God bless you, Justin and your loving family.Love you, Bev and family

3/26/2010 Ron@Diane Brunner-Scott, Shane,Chelsie and Casey (Ray, ND)

All Family Members:
So Sorry to hear about your loss. I will always remember Justin as a little toe head. Big Blue eyes and Blonde hair..
In this time of unexplainable loss we hold our HOPE in our Lord and Savior.
May He cover you with His GRACE, MERCY and PEACE that only Jesus our greatest COMFORTER can provide at this time and the days ahead. Will continue to lift you up in our daily prayers.

3/26/2010 Cody Stangeland


At times like this it's sometimes hard to find the words to say. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you at the loss of your son, Justin. My heart just hurts for you Sheri.

With deepest sympathy!

Cody Stangeland

3/27/2010 Nancy Bob Elliott and family (Greenwood , Nebraska)

To ALL the family of Justin
There cannot be a sadder time in someones life than to loose someone so precious like this...I did not know Justin but I know you the parents and grandparents and words cannot even come close to how all of us feel at this time and how all of you must feel.God be with each one of you...May the love of friendship and family carry you all thro this grief.Just remember when someone U love becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure...That is why God gives us memories...Keep his memories in your heart and his laughter in your mind and He will live on forever...You are in our thoughts and prayers here in Nebraska ...The Elliott Family

3/27/2010 Bloms family (ray, nd)

My thoughts and prays are with Justin's family at this time.
Mike, Jamie, Derek Bloms and family

3/27/2010 Barry Teresa Johnson (Williston , ND)

Sheri Steven Stephen Amanda Jeffery Don Norriane and the rest of Justins family Our prayers go out to all at this time I just cant imagine what your all going thru at this time I didnt know Justins but that smile of him is priceless he looked like a happy child keep all the precious memories you have of him and cherish them forever. Hes in a good place and hes watching over you all now and is playing his gutiar for all he knows up there.You all will be in our prayers.

3/28/2010 Lanette (Christi Heupel) Blumhardt (Ashley, North Dakota)

Sheri, I am so sorry to have read about Justin's passing. My prayers are with you and your family now and forever.

3/29/2010 Jason & Robin Brothen (Kenmare, ND)


Robin and I are very sorry for your loss. And we are praying for you during this tough time.

Jason and Robin Brothen

4/2/2010 Kimberly (Monsen) Bivens (Albuquerque,NM)

To ALL of Justin's family,
I'm so sorry to hear of this terrible loss. There are no words I can say to make it better, just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and you are all loved very much. I hope time will help you heal. He will forever be that chubby baby with the beautiful eyes to me. My heart goes out to all of you.

John, Kimberly, Garrett and Cooper Bivens

4/5/2010 Alice Anderson

My deepest heartfelt sympathy to you Sheri and all the family. My heart just breaks for you!

4/5/2010 Joan I. Wolff

So sorry for your loss of your grandson.

4/5/2010 Betty Koerner

Dear Noraine,

My heartfelt sympathy and prayers for you and your family, in the loss of your precious grandson.


4/5/2010 Jolene Engen-Burke

My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.May Gods arms hold you all close.

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